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Part 2 Interview With a Sociopath


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Broadcast 7/8/2013 at 17:25:02 (0 Listens, 0 Downloads, 0 Itunes)
The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

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Her publicist tells me that this was her first radio interview. It was my longest interview ever. That's why it is in two parts. 

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Interview Notes (mostly my questions)

Famous Sociopaths?

And, when you disclose, you usually use it as bait to get the other person to disclose more.

How about Karl Rove?

Other than criminals. I'm more interested in higher functioning people"

Ada lovelace, Lord Byron, Angelina Jolie, 

You wrote about your parents, "Their love served no purpose to me."  and you described how your father cared more about his image (to the public) than for damaging the kids, so you would entice him to hit you so you could use it to control him. 

Do you have sociopath friends?

So, you have friends and do they know you are a sociopath?

To you have friends, don't you have to care, and do you care about your friends?

How old is your oldest friendship?

How do your friends find out you are a sociopath?

You say in your book, "as a sociopath I feel I have no particular sexual identity." And you are bi-sexual, right? 

Have you been in a romantic relationship that has endured.

Have you learned anything from this journey of writing the memoir that would help you get into an enduring, romantic relationship. 

You've offered to give your real name to people who write to you. 

Are there jobs where you would not want to see a sociopath or psychopath in that job?

What about Sadism? You've described a number of situations that seemed sadistic. 

Weak sense of self"  What's that about?

Jungian says that sociopaths live without superego, with a lot of id, with the shadow dominating.

Let's talk about morals-- your morals, your opinions about them and how you approach them. 

You claim in your book that you use Mormon teachings. 

What is ethics, then and how is it different from morality and something that you can connect with?

The thing that is scariest to me about sociopaths is that they are predators. What can you say about that?

You say, "I see relationships with people in terms of possessions or exploits." That's pretty rough.

You say, "I root for the bad guy. ". I know I'm not alone in my love of the villain. In him, we see freedom."

How does someone make a better villain?

Why does evil exist?

What other questions would you ask about evil and evil characters and villains in stories?

Llago  -- Othello?

who would you characterize as good examples of villains?

Luther UK show. 

Creating fear is evil? That sure seems to be something that a lot of politicians and media people enjoy doing. 

What are your politics, who'd you vote for?

What are your thoughts on you having children?

How to defend or protect your self from sociopaths or psychopaths?

Attachment disorder? 

Advice to me on my campaign. How would you suggest there are ways to mitigate the hurt and damage sociopaths do and the hurts they cause?

That doesn't really satisfy me. 

Your heroes. 

Any other heroes?

What do you think of:

Drew Peterson  and how would you advise the attorney. 

WHat about the connection between narcissism and sociopathy?  Dr Black suggested that the worst kind of sociopath is a narcissistic sociopath. 

What do you think of president Obama?

He has a reputation for being non-emotional.

What other reasons do you have for considering that he might be a sociopath?

But you didn't think that of George W. Bush?

Tips on how to tell a person is a sociopath? Especially right away?

Let's say someone figures out they're dealing with a sociopath. How would you advise they handle them overall. 

If it becomes a power struggle, what do you do then?

What does that mean "go the distance?"

How does a person defend against a malicious sociopath, someone who's trying to cause hurt or damage?

So, if it's a longtime behavior, consider narcissism?

How about online sociopathic behaviors?

What about trolls? 


Top Down and bottom up

The Gervais Principle 

How about Occupy Wall street? Did you have a take on that?

What do you think about Democracy?

So, that's a problem with democracy (emotions)?

You've said you don't stay with jobs a long time. Any ideas on where you'll go from your current job as a law professor?

Questions I've missed. 

Size: 39,172,800 -- 1 hrs, 21 min, 37 sec


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Rob Kall is the host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show, WNJC 1360, where he discusses how the bottom up mind and bottom up revolution are reaching different areas of the world, of life, of politics, business, society and anywhere else.

Rob is founder and site architect of (more...)

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