Chronicling the Bottom Up
Connection Revolution


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#1 4/4/2014 A Bottom-up Exercise in Understanding Top-Down, Hierarchy. Domination and Predators (Rob Kall)
#2 3/31/2014 The System: Deserving Contempt, Resistance and Undermining-- (Rob Kall) 2 2 Comment Count
#3 3/30/2014 Interview Transcript: Keith Farnish Interview Transcript. Undermining-- Legal and Illegal Ways To Fight the System (Rob Kall)
#4 3/10/2014 The Pope's Bottom-up Revolution (Rob Kall)
#5 2/9/2014 Monuments Men, Gestapo Generals and Billionaires (Rob Kall)
#6 1/28/2014 Thanks, Pete Seeger For Your Small Idea (Rob Kall)
#7 1/25/2014 Needed: A Science, Economics and Lifestyle of SMALL-- It's Time to Face Reality-- Too BIG is Too Dangerous-- (Rob Kall)
#8 1/6/2014 Facing The Reality of The System, Conservative Monarchists, and Embracing Bottom-Up Values, as the Answer (Rob Kall)
#9 12/28/2013 Straight is Top Down (Rob Kall)
#10 12/7/2013 Mandela-- The World's Number One Hero-- Teaches Us Lessons On Being A Hero (Rob Kall)
#11 11/26/2013 How Smart Phone Apps Are Changing a Generation: Howard Gardner and Katie Davis Intvw Transcript part 2 (Rob Kall)
#12 11/25/2013 As Writing and the Gutenberg Press Changed the World, Are Apps Creating an App Generation? Howard Gardner & Katie Davis (Rob Kall)
#13 11/15/2013 Bottom-Up-Small-is-Beautiful Vs. Top-down-Monoliths (Robert S. Becker)
#14 10/27/2013 Marina Sitrin on Horizontalism-- transcript part 2 (Rob Kall)
#15 10/26/2013 Rob Kall's 'Bottom Up' Revolution in Relation to the Plight of Bees (Burl Hall)
#16 8/9/2013 From Top-Down to Bottom Up: The Work of Les Robinson (Burl Hall)
#17 6/13/2013 Embracing Bottom Up As a "Value" My talk at the Public Banking Institute's Conference (Rob Kall)
#18 5/21/2013 Attacking Psychopaths and Sociopaths from The Bottom and the Bottom-Line Up (Rob Kall)
#19 5/5/2013 Bottom up Religion? (Rob Kall)
#20 5/3/2013 Invisible Success, Civilizations that Die or Quit and Memes We Live By; Transcript of an Interview with Daniel Quinn (Rob Kall)
#21 4/14/2013 Small Acts, Without 50% + 1 DO Change the World (Rob Kall)
#22 3/22/2013 Hierarchical Republican Culture-- transcript of an interview with Andrew Schmookler, part 1 (Rob Kall)
#23 3/10/2013 "Oz The Great and Powerful" A movie with a bottom up, Occupy Hero Message (Rob Kall)
#24 2/3/2013 Interview Transcript: Marina Sitrin, Author Horizontalism Part 1 (Rob Kall)
#25 1/9/2013 Sometimes Monsters Look Pretty, and Sometimes Monster Killers are Very Small (Rob Kall)
#26 11/27/2012 Peggy Holman: Engaging Emergence; Moving Towards Order From Chaos-- Interview Transcript (Rob Kall)
#27 11/4/2012 Marginalized Progressives, Small Acts and Making a Difference (Rob Kall)
#28 9/19/2012 The First Year Anniversary of Occupy-- and the beginning of the Toppling of Top-Down Power (Rob Kall)
#29 7/30/2012 Pinterest: Another Example of Web Content Sharing Trends (Justin Roden)
#30 7/30/2012 My First Experience with the Occupy Movement (Justin Roden)

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