Chronicling the Bottom Up
Connection Revolution


# Date Link
#1 11/17/2017 Riane Eisler; Transforming from a Domination to a Partnership Society (Rob Kall)
#2 11/13/2017 Filmmaking for Change; The How and History of Social Impact Films, with Jon Fitzgerald (Rob Kall)
#3 11/5/2017 Standing up to Globalization with Localization; Intvw w Helena Norbert Hodge (Rob Kall)
#4 10/15/2017 George Monbiot Discusses Creating a New Story to Replace Neoliberalism (Rob Kall)
#5 10/9/2017 Zeitgest Movement Founder Peter Joseph, Interviewed by Rob Kall (Rob Kall)
#6 10/2/2017 Making Music Using Artificial Intelligence (Rob Kall)
#7 9/1/2017 What To Do About the Monster Internet Platforms: Trebor Scholz on Platform Cooperativism (Rob Kall)
#8 8/27/2017 Chris Whipple discusses The 2nd Most Powerful Person in the World: White House Chief of Staff (Rob Kall)
#9 8/6/2017 Yaneer Bar-Yam; Applying Complexity Theory to The World's Hardest Problems (Rob Kall)
#10 8/4/2017 Bottom Up, Local Economics with Anthony Flaccavento (Rob Kall)
#11 7/14/2017 Walt McRee How Public Banking Can Rescue Cities, Counties and States (Rob Kall)
#12 4/16/2017 Paul Glover; From the Middle Class to the Mutual Class (Rob Kall)
#13 2/8/2017 Marianne Williamson on Miracles and Trump, Protest, Trump Supporters (Rob Kall)
#14 1/5/2017 Linda Kohanov; Learning From Horses and Master Herders (Rob Kall)
#15 1/5/2017 Did Your Genes Evolve to Kill You: How to Live Longer; Intvw with Josh Mitteldorf (Rob Kall)
#16 12/12/2016 Derek Jensen Debunks the Human Supremacy Myth (Rob Kall)
#17 10/28/2016 Tapping the Power of Stories to Make Change Happen: Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy (Rob Kall)
#18 10/27/2016 How To Use Stories to Re-Program Your Mind-- Lewis Mehl Madrona and Barbara Mainguy (Rob Kall)
#19 9/15/2016 Neurobiology & Epigenetics Applied to Politics, Policy, Psychopaths & Narcissism (Rob Kall)
#20 8/26/2016 Neurobiology Applied to Poilitics, Policy, Psychopaths and Narcissism (Rob Kall)
#21 7/15/2016 Marcia Pally; individuality, separateness, separability and situatedness (Rob Kall)
#22 6/14/2016 Douglas Rushkoff; Throwing rocks at the Google Bus-- Big is bad (Rob Kall)
#23 4/26/2016 Darcia Narvaez on the Neurobiology of Narcissism, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Empathy, Connection (Rob Kall)
#24 4/15/2016 Darcia Narvaez; Morality's Evolutional, Neurobiological, Bottom up Underpinnings (Rob Kall)
#25 4/6/2016 The Agricultural Revolution: How Humans Shifted from Foraging to Farming-- the beginnings of Civilization (Rob Kall)
#26 1/15/2016 Globalization's Dangers to Earth and It's People: Interview with Julian Kunnie Part 2 (Rob Kall)
#27 1/15/2016 Julian Kunnie Part 1-- The Dangers of Globalization-- Time to End Capitalism Or WIll Capitalism End Us? (Rob Kall)
#28 1/14/2016 Katherine Maher-- Wikipedia And Counterrevolution, Dark Spaces, and Ways to Tap and ENable the Power of Wikipedia (Rob Kall)
#29 1/3/2016 Bonnie Burstow-- The Dangers of State Empowered Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drugs and Treatments (Rob Kall)
#30 12/8/2015 Chuck Collins- Wealth Inequality, Billionaires and Psychopaths (Rob Kall)

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