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Exclusive to Bottom Up Mind:

The Great Paradigm Shift, Part 2 (Revisiting Reich): the Rise of Matriarchy and Collapse of Patriarchy (w/Videos)

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Originally Published on OpEdNews

Wilhelm Reich (source)

Russell Means (source)

To see Part 1 of this series, click here


It is because we are out of rhythm with Nature and the Cosmos, and have lost a reverence for our Mother Earth, whom the ancient Greeks called Gaia, that the biosphere and atmosphere are in such a sorry state today, not to mention humanity. But this alienation and irreverence go far beyond Nature externally, extending to Nature INTERNALLY, to our own biological processes and energies, so that in the past several thousand years we humans have become at odds with ourselves, psychically split, even to the point that our natural energies within were demonized, demonized through the theology/ideology of the Roman Catholic Church in particular, patriarchal religions in general. Hence sexuality, the most glaring example, became crudely identified with Satan, Evil and Original Sin.

It was Freud and his psychoanalytical movement beginning around the early 20th Century that began to expose this disfunctional disharmony within civilized men and women and attempt to deal with. One of Freud's key students, Wilhelm Reich, took Freud's studies a step deeper, into biology and our actual emotional energy processes. He noted the inherent unity of mind and body, viewing his patients as not detached heads or mindless bodies, but as, by nature, integrated beings who, through life traumas often in the earliest years of childhood, had lost their integrity, resulting in neurosis or psychosis. Patients are not mentally ill, but emotionally ill, and this imbalance in the emotions will always play havoc with the body. So he developed that school of psychosomatic therapy which he called Orgonomy, but that has evolved into what is also called Bioenergetic Therapy. Reich is considered by many, if not almost all who work in the psychosomatic realms as the father of psychosomatics.

Reich, who was also a sociologist, focused heavily on the effects of sexual repression on not only the individual, but on society at large, and quickly realized that the driving force behind sexual repression, as well as the other emotions, was and is patriarchy, dating back some six thousand years. Reich and his contemporaries learned that in the pre-patriarchal-dynastic civilizations slowly being uncovered in Crete, Turkey, and southeastern Europe by archaeologists and historians, there had existed, for many thousands of years, systems of matriarchy where the prime symbol and icon tended to be the Great Mother. As studies of indigenous peoples around the world also advanced, it was unveiled that they tended, by and large, to be matriarchal as well, and to be fairly egalitarian.

But it was through the cynical genius of the evolving patriarchies, Reich and many others reasoned, that heavy systems of repression were introduced and then anchored by the priest-crafts via prohibitions, fear allegories and taboos. Therapist Clare Voyens in her article, Sadism in High Places (, which I want every one of you to thoroughly read, took the time to beautifully encapsulate Wilhelm Reich's thoughts and statements on this historical regression of humanity, some of which I want to share with you now:

The first "royal families" appeared in the Bronze Age, during a time of transformation from relatively egalitarian tribal cultures to authoritarian, "patriarchal" ruler-and-slave society. This new type of society instituted a hierarchical class system in which the rulers (the most ruthless thugs) hired priests to proclaim their "divine" mandate to rule. Meanwhile, the slaves (the vast majority of the population) did all the hard work, lived in poverty and died young.

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I am a student of history, religion, exoteric and esoteric, the Humanities in general and a tempered advocate for the ultimate manifestation of peace, justice and the unity of humankind through self-realization and mutual respect, although I am not (more...)

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