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#1 The System: Deserving Contempt, Resistance and Undermining--
by Rob Kall 2 2 Comment Count (6) (3/31/2014)
#2 Rob Kall's 'Bottom Up' Revolution in Relation to the Plight of Bees
by Burl Hall (5) (10/26/2013)
#3 A Bottom-up Exercise in Understanding Top-Down, Hierarchy. Domination and Predators
by Rob Kall (5) (4/4/2014)
#4 Chris Vogler; Can There Be Blockbuster Movies and Stories Using an Occupy/Bottom Up/Horizontal "Collective" Hero?
by Rob Kall (4) (5/31/2012)
#5 There's A Bottom Up Tidal Wave Underway. Will You Surf It?
by Rob Kall (4) (5/15/2011)
#6 Thanks, Pete Seeger For Your Small Idea
by Rob Kall (3) (1/28/2014)
#7 Straight is Top Down
by Rob Kall (3) (12/28/2013)
by Bob Williamson (3) (9/7/2009)
#9 The Agricultural Revolution: How Humans Shifted from Foraging to Farming-- the beginnings of Civilization
by Rob Kall (3) (4/6/2016)
#10 Pinterest: Another Example of Web Content Sharing Trends
by Justin Roden (3) (7/30/2012)
#11 My First Experience with the Occupy Movement
by Justin Roden (2) (7/30/2012)
#12 Katherine Maher-- Wikipedia And Counterrevolution, Dark Spaces, and Ways to Tap and ENable the Power of Wikipedia
by Rob Kall (2) (1/14/2016)
#13 Joseph Nye; Soft Power, Smart Power; The Future of Power
by Rob Kall (2) (3/30/2011)
#14 Declaration of Interdependence
by Stephen Dinan (2) (5/6/2006)
#15 Hierarchical Republican Culture-- transcript of an interview with Andrew Schmookler, part 1
by Rob Kall (2) (3/22/2013)
#16 The US Constitution in Free Fall-- Interview with Experts on International Constitutions David Law and Mila Versteeg
by Rob Kall (2) (2/8/2012)
#17 How Smart Phone Apps Are Changing a Generation: Howard Gardner and Katie Davis Intvw Transcript part 2
by Rob Kall (2) (11/26/2013)
#18 Making Music Using Artificial Intelligence
by Rob Kall (2) (10/2/2017)
#19 As Writing and the Gutenberg Press Changed the World, Are Apps Creating an App Generation? Howard Gardner & Katie Davis
by Rob Kall (2) (11/25/2013)
#20 Mandela-- The World's Number One Hero-- Teaches Us Lessons On Being A Hero
by Rob Kall (2) (12/7/2013)
#21 Warren Buffett Quotation on Top Down Money
by Rob Kall (2) (1/27/2011)
#22 The Obama Disconnect: What Happens When Myth Meets Reality | techPresident
Posted by Rob Kall (2) (4/24/2010)
#23 Bottom up Religion?
by Rob Kall (2) (5/5/2013)
#24 Linda Kohanov; Learning From Horses and Master Herders
by Rob Kall (2) (1/5/2017)
#25 Centralized Planning of Society is Often Biblical, Not Necessarily Socialist
by Kevin Anthony Stoda (2) (10/28/2008)
#26 The Abundant Community; John McKnight & Peter Block; Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods
by Rob Kall (2) (8/25/2010)
#27 Bottom up and Top Down Religion;
by Rob Kall (1) (3/19/2012)
#28 From a single hashtag, protest circled the world: Decentralized, leaderless 'Occupy' movement mobilized thousands
by Meryl Ann Butler (1) (10/18/2011)
#29 Update on Public Banking in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia
by Rob Kall (1) (7/25/2013)
#30 Marianne Williamson on Miracles and Trump, Protest, Trump Supporters
by Rob Kall (1) (2/8/2017)
#31 John Perkins, Best-selling author, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
by Rob Kall (1) (4/20/2011)
#32 Attacking Psychopaths and Sociopaths from The Bottom and the Bottom-Line Up
by Rob Kall (1) (5/21/2013)
#33 George Monbiot Discusses Creating a New Story to Replace Neoliberalism
by Rob Kall (1) (10/15/2017)
#34 Senator Byron Dorgan
by Rob Kall (1) (5/19/2010)
#35 A Bottom Up Virtual Choir to Delight Your Heart and Milk Your Tears
by Rob Kall (1) (4/10/2011)
#36 Bottom-up Blindness; The Reason to Fire Detroit Execs
by Rob Kall (1) (12/10/2008)
#37 Walt McRee How Public Banking Can Rescue Cities, Counties and States
by Rob Kall (1) (7/14/2017)
#38 Worker Cooperatives--a genuine Third Way
by Brian Cooney (1) (7/15/2010)
#39 Barry Schwartz After he gave his TED talk on Wisdom that went viral
by Rob Kall (1) (2/19/2010)
#40 Sarah Van Gelder-- Author/editor of First Book on the Occupy Movement
by Rob Kall (1) (11/30/2011)
#41 Bottom-up versus Top-Down Food and Farming
by Rob Kall (1) (8/6/2008)
#42 Eric Whitacre; Conductor, Composer, Developer of the Virtual Choir, TED Speaker
by Rob Kall (1) (5/17/2011)
#43 Centralized Power is Always a Danger
by Paul Cohen (1) (7/12/2010)
#44 Naomi Wolf on teapartiers, transpartisanism, End of America Under Obama
by Rob Kall (1) (4/7/2010)
#45 Ryan Lee: Continuity Income and Membership Sites
by Rob Kall (1) (7/6/2011)
#46 Embracing Bottom Up As a "Value" My talk at the Public Banking Institute's Conference
by Rob Kall (1) (6/13/2013)
#47 Clay Shirky; Social Media Visionary
by Rob Kall (1) (6/14/2011)
#48 Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Impeachment
by John Moffett (1) (2/24/2007)
#49 Update on Progress and Challenges for Whistleblowers-- Interview with Tom Devine
by Rob Kall (1) (8/1/2013)
#50 Caroline Myss; internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition
by Rob Kall (1) (3/20/2010)