Chronicling the Bottom Up
Connection Revolution

List Of All Podcasts

1) Riane Eisler; Transforming from a Domination to a Partnership Society 11/20/2017

2) Filmmaking for Change; The How and History of Social Impact Films, with Jon Fitzgerald 11/13/2017

3) Standing up to Globalization with Localization; Intvw w Helena Norbert Hodge 11/06/2017

4) George Monbiot Discusses Creating a New Story to Replace Neoliberalism 10/16/2017

5) Zeitgest Movement Founder Peter Joseph, Interviewed by Rob Kall 10/09/2017

6) Making Music Using Artificial Intelligence 10/02/2017

7) What To Do About the Monster Internet Platforms: Trebor Scholz on Platform Cooperativism 09/02/2017

8) Chris Whipple discusses The 2nd Most Powerful Person in the World: White House Chief of Staff 08/28/2017

9) Yaneer Bar-Yam; Applying Complexity Theory to The World's Hardest Problems 08/14/2017

10) Bottom Up, Local Economics with Anthony Flaccavento 08/07/2017

11) Walt McRee How Public Banking Can Rescue Cities, Counties and States 07/17/2017

12) Paul Glover; From the Middle Class to the Mutual Class 04/19/2017

13) Marianne Williamson on Miracles and Trump, Protest, Trump Supporters 02/08/2017

14) Linda Kohanov; Learning From Horses and Master Herders 01/04/2017

15) Derek Jensen Debunks the Human Supremacy Myth 11/30/2016

16) Tapping the Power of Stories to Make Change Happen: Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy 10/14/2016

17) How To Use Stories to Re-Program Your Mind-- Lewis Mehl Madrona and Barbara Mainguy 10/07/2016

18) Neurobiology & Epigenetics Applied to Politics, Policy, Psychopaths & Narcissism 08/29/2016

19) Neurobiology Applied to Poilitics, Policy, Psychopaths and Narcissism 08/28/2016

20) Did Your Genes Evolve to Kill You: How to Live Longer; Intvw with Josh Mitteldorf 08/17/2016

21) Marcia Pally; individuality, separateness, separability and situatedness 07/06/2016

22) Douglas Rushkoff; Throwing rocks at the Google Bus-- Big is bad 06/07/2016

23) Darcia Narvaez on the Neurobiology of Narcissism, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Empathy, Connection 04/19/2016

24) Darcia Narvaez; Morality's Evolutional, Neurobiological, Bottom up Underpinnings 04/12/2016

25) The Agricultural Revolution: How Humans Shifted from Foraging to Farming-- the beginnings of Civilization 03/29/2016

26) Globalization's Dangers to Earth and It's People: Interview with Julian Kunnie Part 2 01/18/2016

27) Julian Kunnie Part 1-- The Dangers of Globalization-- Time to End Capitalism Or WIll Capitalism End Us? 01/17/2016

28) Katherine Maher-- Wikipedia And Counterrevolution, Dark Spaces, and Ways to Tap and ENable the Power of Wikipedia 01/14/2016

29) Bonnie Burstow-- The Dangers of State Empowered Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drugs and Treatments 01/03/2016

30) Chuck Collins- Wealth Inequality, Billionaires and Psychopaths 12/02/2015

31) Why We Need TransNational and Global Consciousness-- William I Robinson 11/25/2015

32) Holacracy-- the Non-Hierarchical, Bottom-up alternative to Management-- Discussing it with Creator Brian Robertson 11/11/2015

33) Andrew Schmookler: What We're Up Against; The Destructive Force at work in our world-- and how we can defeat it 10/21/2015

34) Janine Wedel: Unaccountable; How Elite Power Brokers Corrupt Our Finances, Freedom and Security 07/22/2015

35) Marjorie Kelly: Ownership Revolution: Transitioning from Extractive to Generative Economics 06/24/2015

36) iTech Addiction, Danger and Damage-- Mari Swingle, author iMinds 06/03/2015

37) Henry A. Giroux; Culture of Cruelty, Neoliberals War on Education, 05/27/2015

38) America Is NOT Broke: Interview with Scott Baker 05/13/2015

39) The Mind Boggling Implications of the 3D Printing Bottom-up Revolution: Intvw w. Dr. Future-- Paul Tinari 05/06/2015

40) Lee Van Ham: Blinded By Progress-- Breaking out of the illusion that holds us 04/29/2015

41) Jeremy Heimans; What New Power Looks Like 04/22/2015

42) Connecting to Change the World; harnessing the power of networks 04/08/2015

43) Diane Ravitch, Former Secretary of Education 03/04/2015

44) Exclusive: The Military's Culture of Lying- A Top-down Problem? Intvw With Army War College Expert 02/25/2015

45) Gregg Levoy; Opening the Window to A Science of Passion 02/11/2015

46) Ross Rosenberg: Narcissism and the Human Magnet Syndrome 01/18/2015

47) How Systems View of Life Affects Sustainability, Health Care, Economics, Energy, Food-- Fritjof Capra Intvw Part 2 01/14/2015

48) Fritjof Capra-- The Systems View of Life-- Replacing the Mechanistic View 01/07/2015

49) Marina Sitrin: Hope for Activists: A World of Successful Protest And Change-- NOW-- New Ideas, While Rejecting Democracy 11/12/2014

50) Helena Norbert-Hodge-- Answers to Globalization, Destruction of Communities-- Local, local local 10/29/2014

51) Scott Keiller; on Patriarchy, Narcissists and Women, Authoritarians... 10/08/2014

52) Archetypal, Mythic Strong Women and Patriarchy-- A conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen 10/01/2014

53) Daniel Shaw: What Is Narcissism, Victim Process, How It Develops, Cults, Tea-Party, Clinton... 08/27/2014

54) Mary Pipher-- Being an Activist in Discouraging Times, In A Red State 07/16/2014

55) Ward Wilson- Fighting Lies Supporting Nuclear Weapons 07/09/2014

56) James C. Scott Domination, Resistance, Anarchy and The Scientific Study Of Underdogs 05/14/2014

57) Burl and Merry Hall on Reclaiming Wholeness, Goddess, Patriarchy, Rumi... 04/30/2014

58) Interview with Scott Lilienfeld, President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy 04/23/2014

59) Gary Null on Psychopaths, Sociopaths-- In Corporations and Government 04/09/2014

60) 11 Years After THE CORPORATION-- In Depth with Author/Producer Joel Bakan 04/02/2014

61) Arlene Goldbard: Art and Story As Activism, Awakener and Change Catalyst 04/02/2014

62) I Talk With Alan Grayson On TPP, Psychopathic Corporations, corpomemes, Whistleblowers, NSA 03/20/2014

63) Kirkpatrick Sale-- Secession, Domination, Decentralism 03/19/2014

64) James Fallon, Psychopath Neuroscientist 12/18/2013

65) interview With FBI Profiler of Psychopaths, Mary Ellen O'Toole 12/11/2013

66) Ellen Brown-- Detroit Bankruptcy Brings "Bail-ins" To The USA 12/04/2013

67) Jim Lesar-- A FOIA-- Freedom Of Information Act Request Master-- tips and history 11/13/2013

68) Ellen Miller; Transparency and Open Government-- Armaments Against Corporate and Plutocratic Powers 11/06/2013

69) Ian Hughes-- A World Damaged by Psychopaths. We have the Answer 09/12/2013

70) Frans De Waal; Primates, Fairness, The Evolution of Morals 09/11/2013

71) Pamela Jaye Smith; Mythic, Archetypal & Symbolic Aspects of Evil, Bad Guys, Sociopaths and the Dark Side 08/28/2013

72) Robert Fuller on Rankism and Dignitarianism 08/21/2013

73) Ethan Zuckerman: Rewiring, Connection Expansion and How Unconnected We Are 08/15/2013

74) Update on Progress and Challenges for Whistleblowers-- Interview with Tom Devine 07/31/2013

75) Update on Public Banking in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia 07/25/2013

76) The Power of the Herd; Non-Predatory Power and Horse Sense; Intvw With Linda Kohanov 07/18/2013

77) Senator Bernie Sanders 07/10/2013

78) Part 2 Interview With a Sociopath 07/03/2013

79) Interview with a Sociopath 06/27/2013

80) Nicco Mele:The End of Big-- How the internet Makes David the New Goliath 06/26/2013

81) Interview with Sandra Brown, On Sociopaths, Psychopaths and other Cluster B Personality Disorders-- How They Hurt Victims 06/20/2013

82) Clive Boddy, Author, Corporate Psychopaths 06/20/2013

83) Nick Grossman; The Peer Economy, Disruptive Technologies and Top Down Backlashes 06/19/2013

84) Zipcar Founder Robin Chase on Bottom up Approaches to Business 06/13/2013

85) Medea Benjamin-- Tips on How to Speak Out/Interrupt a President and Other Powerful People and Hearings 05/29/2013

86) Present Shock- Interview with Douglas Rushkoff; on Conspiracy theories, Preppers and the end of story 05/22/2013

87) Sociopaths, Anti-Social Disorder-- The Guy Who Wrote the Book 05/09/2013

88) Michael Meade; Apocalypse, Living in the Shadow of Democracy, and why the world doesn't end 05/08/2013

89) Ellen Brown; Public Banking, Bail-outs and Bail-ins 05/01/2013

90) Daniel Quinn, Author of Ishmael, on Invisible Success and Memes We Live By 04/11/2013

91) Don Lafferty Web/Social Media Wizard 02/27/2013

92) Staughton Lynd; Accompanying as an Alternative to Organizing 02/06/2013

93) Carne Ross; The Leaderless Revolution 11/07/2012

94) The Media Ecosystem; Antonio Lopez 08/01/2012

95) The Bottom Up Arts Revolution-- an interview with Doug Borwick, author, Building Communities, Not Audiences 07/25/2012

96) David Boyce CEO Fundly and Crowd Funding 06/27/2012

97) Chris Vogler; Can There Be Blockbuster Movies and Stories Using an Occupy/Bottom Up/Horizontal "Collective" Hero? 05/30/2012

98) Ward Wilson-- Rejecting Long Held Assumptions about Nuclear Weapons-- They don't work and never did what they were supposed to do. 05/23/2012

99) Self Made Myth-- Mike Lapham-- co-author 05/16/2012

100) Learned Helplessness in America; Bruce E. Levine Author of Get Up Stand Up; Uniting populists, energizing the defeated and battling the corporate elite 05/16/2012

101) Rory O'Connor-- The Future Of Media is Social 04/25/2012

102) Economist William Lazonick; Myths about Corporations that Feed the War on the Middle Class 04/11/2012

103) Deena Metzger-- Seeing through Indigenous Eyes, Weaving Community Dreams, Stories and Spirit 04/11/2012

104) David Shankbone Grassroots, Photographer; most influential new media photojournalist in the world. 03/28/2012

105) Bottom up and Top Down Religion; 03/19/2012

106) The US Constitution in Free Fall-- Interview with Experts on International Constitutions David Law and Mila Versteeg 02/08/2012

107) Thomas Frank on Mimesis, Capitalist Fundamentalism and Stealing Liberal Ideas 02/01/2012

108) Interview with Rocky Anderson; Justice Party Presidential Candidate 01/04/2012

109) Engaging Emergence; moving toward Order From Chaos 12/21/2011

110) Gar Alperovitz; America Beyond Capitalism 12/21/2011

111) Sarah Van Gelder-- Author/editor of First Book on the Occupy Movement 11/30/2011

112) Danny Schechter on the Occupy Wall Street Movement 10/19/2011

113) Dennis Loo; Globalization and the Demolition of Society 08/17/2011

114) James Peck: How The U.S. Govt Co-Opted Human Rights Activism 08/10/2011

115) Tom Wolff: The Power of Collaborative Solutions 08/03/2011

116) Wendy Call: A People Who Have Fought Globalization for CENTURIES 07/13/2011

117) Ryan Lee: Continuity Income and Membership Sites 07/06/2011

118) John Jackson; co-author SMALL ACTS OF RESISTANCE--An Incredible Book of Stories of Courage and Resistance 06/29/2011

119) Anne Marie Slaughter: Bottom Up Digital, Connected Diplomacy and Statecraft 06/22/2011

120) Clay Shirky; Social Media Visionary 06/15/2011

121) Tunisian Revolutionary Houeida Anouar 06/08/2011

122) Harold Goldberg How 50 Years of Video Games Conquered Pop Culture 06/01/2011

123) Richard Wolff; Corporations are Threatening and Bulling America 05/11/2011

124) Eric Whitacre; Conductor, Composer, Developer of the Virtual Choir, TED Speaker 05/04/2011

125) Donald Maass; How Good Writers Can Write Better 04/27/2011

126) John Perkins, Best-selling author, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 04/20/2011

127) Chris Lundberg: Salsa Wired for Change 04/20/2011

128) The Future of Revolutions; John Foran 04/06/2011

129) Mastering LinkedIn with Wayne Breitbarth 04/06/2011

130) Joseph Nye; Soft Power, Smart Power; The Future of Power 03/29/2011

131) Tom Hayden on Ending US Wars, Healthcare, wikileaks, 50 year perspective on Making Change Happen 03/23/2011

132) Helena Norberg-Hodge; Economics of Happiness; Getting Local instead of Globalized 02/16/2011

133) Wendell Potter; Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans 01/26/2011

134) Tarak Kauff; Organizing Civil Resistance, Dealing With Police 01/10/2011

135) Debra Sweet; Thoughts on Activism, Protest, Civil Resistance 12/29/2010

136) Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks, Assange, Manning, Civil Disobedience and more 12/22/2010

137) Ari Berman; author Herding Donkeys 11/03/2010

138) Markos Moulitsas, founder, author, American Taliban 10/20/2010

139) Arianna Huffington 10/13/2010

140) Amar Bhide Top How the Top Down Economy and Financial Systems Caused our Eco-Meltdown 10/06/2010

141) Roy Peter Clark The Glamour of Grammar 09/29/2010

142) John Taylor Gatto, author Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction 09/19/2010

143) CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez 09/15/2010

144) The Abundant Community; John McKnight & Peter Block; Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods 08/25/2010

145) Sylvia Clute; Calling for a Revolution in Justice and Prison Policy 08/18/2010

146) Nicholas Carr, author, The Shallows; What The Internet is Doing to Our Brains 08/18/2010

147) Jean Houston on myth, change, 06/30/2010

148) Jonathan Tisch, CEO Loew's Hotels, co-author, CITIZEN YOU and THE POWER OF WE 06/30/2010

149) Steven Denning on Bottom up Management for Leaders 06/23/2010

150) Katie Harbath: National Republican Senatorial Committee Chief Digital Strategist 06/16/2010

151) Bill McKibben Ecology activist, organizer of the world's biggest Demonstration- 06/16/2010

152) Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business 06/09/2010

153) Rick Hanson; Co-author; Buddha's Brain;The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, love and wisdom 05/30/2010

154) Senator Byron Dorgan 05/19/2010

155) Ellen Brown author Web of Debt 05/19/2010

156) Lawrence Lessig on Election Reform, Web Freedom, 05/05/2010

157) Shel Israel, Social Media Expert, Author, Twitterville 04/28/2010

158) Robert Wolff, author Original Wisdom, What It Is to Be Human 04/28/2010

159) Naomi Wolf on teapartiers, transpartisanism, End of America Under Obama 04/07/2010

160) Paul Rogat Loeb; Soul of a Citizen 04/07/2010

161) Caroline Myss; internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition 03/21/2010

162) Caroline Myss; Dark Times Require Transcendant Responses 03/21/2010

163) David All, the Right's Web 2.0 New Media, Twitter, Facebook Go-To Guy 03/17/2010

164) George Lakoff-- Language and Values Guru to The Left 03/17/2010

165) Craig Newmark of on Breaking Through Government Secrecy, Building Trust, Transparency 03/17/2010

166) Steven Barnes; Fear, The Hero's Journey Course, Dying, Enlightenment 03/14/2010

167) James Cutting; Shot by shot, films have evolved to resemble the natural rhythms of the brain. 03/14/2010

168) Earl Miller top down Bottom Up brain processes 02/28/2010

169) Don Lafferty new media for writers, authors, publishers and everyone else 02/08/2010

170) Intvw w David Mathison Author, Be The Media-- the bible for tapping the power of the new media and old media . 02/02/2010

171) Noam Chomsky 01/18/2010

172) Rabbi Waskow Will Potter - Avatar, Ecology, Ecoterrorism The Erosion of The First Amendment 01/06/2010

173) Mega Hit Producer Mike Medavoy on How Movies & Media Affect USA's Relationship with the World 09/16/2009

174) Derrick Jensen What we leave behind 07/29/2009

175) Steven R M Covey TRUST 03/07/2009

176) Barry Schwartz After he gave his TED talk on Wisdom that went viral 02/25/2009

177) Howard Zinn and Dorothy Fadiman 08/20/2008

178) Riane Eisler author Chalice and the Blade, Real Wealth of Nations 07/23/2008